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‘Young people have borne the brunt of economic shocks. Here is what is in the federal budget for them’, Guardian Australia

'Don't forget the small communities when transitioning to renewables', The Age

'The Case For High Speed Rail Is Bigger Than Business', The Canberra Times

‘Australia should think twice before asking desperate people to pick fruit for their freedom’, Guardian Australia

‘How we can create jobs and bring fairness back to Australian higher education’,
Guardian Australia

‘Could electric buses kick-start Australia’s EV production industry?’, The Driven

'Should the government buy - rather than bail out- Qantas?, Crikey

'Australia needs a Medicare system for mental health', Crikey

‘Conscripting young people in the climate war is not the answer’, The Canberra Times

‘Industry policy can help rebuild trust in government’, The Canberra Times

‘The solution to our housing crisis is deceptively simple – we need to build
more houses’
,Guardian Australia

'Mining isn't the only option for jobs in regional Australia'Crikey

‘Australia risks brain drain as CSIRO flounders’, The Age

‘Many young Australians feel let down by Labor's defeat, but there is a way forward’Guardian Australia

'Can wealthy voters save Albanese and Labor?Crikey

‘Why are unions so unhappy? An economic explanation of the Change the Rules campaign’, The Conversation

‘Jobs for young people already exist, so forget the 'future of work'’, ABC News

‘The problem isn’t unskilled graduates, it’s a lack of full-time job opportunities’, The Conversation

‘Why Nordic countries top the happiness league’, Pursuit

‘Cutting Sunday penalty rates will hurt young people the most’, The Conversation

‘We must do something about jobs for young people in a world of automation’, The Conversation

‘Us, them, winners, losers. Whatever happened to complexity?’,Guardian Australia

‘Gen Y carers don’t want a free ride, so welfare reform shouldn’t single them out’, The Conversation

30 August 2016

‘Young people are not after an easy ride, just job security’, The Conversation

1 July 2016

‘Black market jobs cost Australia billions and youth are at the coalface’The Conversation

24 June 2016

‘Australia’s youth unemployment policy needs to be seen as a hand up, not a hand out’, The Conversation

5 February 2016
26 November 2015

‘Deregulating TAFE is a big risk to the labour market’, The Conversation

‘Frozen wages, insecure jobs, struggling youth, rising inequality, shrinking unions … join the dots’, The Conversation

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